Little-Known Secrets About White Flour

Just read an article that tells the secrets about bleached, white flour that most people probably didn’t know.

White FlourSummary:

  1. Not only is white flour not healthy for you, it is bad for you.
  2. Refining food destroys nutrients, so white flour is just sugar — empty calories.
  3. The process of bleaching flour using chlorine oxide produces alloxan, which is a dangerous toxin.
  4. Alloxan has been found to cause diabetes and free radical damages to the DNA of healthy laboratory animals.
  5. Chemicals are always used in the process of refining food but not included in the ingredient labels.
  6. We don’t know the long-term effects of ingesting these chemicals.
  7. We should strive to eat more unprocessed foods, such as unbleached, whole, and organic grain.

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